2016. PopimpressKA Journal

My name is Alexey Martynov. I am from Moscow, Russia.

For my whole life I have been working in the office. My professional sphere is investment analysis and marketing. As of now I am a Marketing and strategy director for a Chemical holding. In my youth I used to go to an art school which was quite successful as one of my paintings was presented at several local exhibitions. Unfortunately, this time is long gone now, but my soul still looks for some creativity. Maybe I'm just tired of formidable Excel tables and irking calculations. So, nearly a year ago I took a decision to follow my heart's deepest calling and start doing something instead of dreaming about it. I devoted some of my free time to the art of photography as long as I really love taking pictures of old cities, especially at dawn. I managed to produce an Italian series which I found noteworthy. I also derive great inspiration from shooting beautiful women. Yes, I know how corny it sounds;) But I honestly cannot think of something more exciting. Fashion and art are my favorite genres ultimately. In my works I do my best to create deep, meaningful images framed by fine aesthetics.

I'll take the risk saying that this photoset might be a real motivation for women to be successful and look great.

Let me tell you a few words about my wife. Her name is Irina. She is 34 years old and she works as a lawyer in a large state-owned company. At the age of 17 she came to the capital to enter the Moscow State University. Being a small-town girl descending from quite an indigent and difficult family, not only did she managed to be matriculated to the MSU, but to graduate with honors 5 years later as well. And now she is a professional highly appreciated at work.

Irina also dedicates quite some time to her appearance lifting weights at gym and modelling her clothes. So, all the garments used in photoset are truly unique as they were custom-tailored based on my wife's ideas.

Last, but not least to mention is the fact that my wife is a source of untethered inspiration for me. And we all know that being a muse is a hard job on its own.

I wish you happiness and love.

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